The Thanksgiving Symposium (Print)

The Thanksgiving Symposium: A Modern Platonic Dialogue on Love.

University Press of America/Rowman and Littlefield 2008.

Many commentators have noted the dramatic quality of the Platonic dialogue; some have suggested that this is part of the philosophy. The Thanksgiving Symposium takes this idea and sets a "Symposium"-like discussion on love at an American Thanksgiving dinner. Can "love" ever be defined once and for all, given that it's different for each person, and even the discussion is subject to the human facts of forgetfulness and lack of focus, as well as the givens of a social situation? What does it show us about any philosophy that increasingly it happens in a quasi-scientific laboratory setting of the classroom, where the social situation is defined and its constraints minimized, and where lack of clarity is simply ignored rather than being accepted as part of the discussion?

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