Science and the Self (Print)

Science and the Self: The Scale of Knowledge.

Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 2004.

What is the relationship between scientific knowledge and other kinds of knowledge? What are these other kinds of knowledge? In what way is science objective? Can we predict the future in the objective world?

"Unlike ostentatious, disingenuous, 'theoretical' tracts, Fleming's book possesses a distinctive and personal voice. While remaining respectful of the achievements and the fruits of science, Fleming equally pays tribute to the essential, subjective intricacies of human existence. . . . The author's grasp of the objective stance of philosophy and science is both refreshing and noble." –P. B. Gonzalez, Bridges

A Structure Opera. Geneva, OH: Six Gallery Press, 2002. Drawing on Gertrude Stein's attempts to write "operas" in words, answers the question: how does the individual relate to the world?

"Fleming builds a postmodern sandwich that even Dagwood could admire." Review of Contemporary Fiction

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