Bill the Goat's Guide to Writing (Print)

Bill the Goat's Adult Refresher Guide to Writing.

Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 2008. Many adults are unsure about their writing skills, but misconceive the solution as a list of how-tos. The most sophisticated of such lists is The Elements of Style, usually called "Strunk and White" after its two authors. Bill's Guide offers an alternative to such lists, a way of thinking about the effect of writing so that the writer can begin to answer his or her own questions rather than relying on outside experts.

"There are a limited few that have mastered both worlds [of writing and editing]. …Those successful few must rely on wit and wisdom periodically interspersed with the tools of the trade. One such tool just entering the marketplace is Professor Bruce Fleming's Bill the Goat's Adult Refresher Guide to Writing. … Fleming focuses on the reasons why the rules exist. . . This refreshing approach enables the reader to immediately (and hopefully for the long-term) understand why we write the way we do. Even if you are a grammar expert (or editor) give Bill a try. You will be better to the experience." –Robert Taylor, Parameters: U.S. War College Quarterly (Editor's Shelf).

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